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April 17, 2012

Santa Rosa Landmarks

These 2 story buildings are all around; especially in the country-side. Some have even been made into apartments or part of houses. They have windows on the top portion. We finally found out they used to hold water tanks for watering gardens. It was done by gravity flow. I need to get a picture of one converted or attached to a house.

This is the McDonald Street Mansion. It is where "Polyanna" was filmed. There is a whole Historical District with all kinds of cool houses. They filmed some other movies on this street, too.

Last Transfer and our District

Elder Adamson, Tomoser, and Jenkins (our District Leader). These are the 2 Elders we worked with in the Stony Point Ward at this time.

Our District: Elder Tomoser, Elder Jenkins, Elder Kent, Elder Kunz, Sister Carron, Sister Puna'a, us.


Stony Point Ward Children at their Baptisms.

Lorien at her baptism in her princess dress her mom made for her.

Paloma, Tim, Jennifer at baptism.

See that "Future Missionary" badge on Darius. He was baptized the week after Lorien. I get to know all the children because I help where I can in the Primary. The Spanish Branch and Stony Point Ward children meet together for Primary.

I just thought this was a cute picture. This is what happens every baptism...a race for the chalkboard!

A few Missionaries.....

Fall 2011 - Elder VolaVola from Fiji heading home to take care of medical problems. He and Elder Harrison are the ones who have a cool segment on YouTube.

December 2011 - Elder ("Sparkles") Sharples and Elder Epps on their way to the airport. We have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment so missionaries can sleep over when they are coming into Santa Rosa for meetings or newly arrived or when they are departing. It's good to have them close.

December 16th departing missionaries at the Oakland Airport.

Elder Epps getting rid of gear that took up too much space or weighed too much. (turned out to be one pair of jeans.) We actually bought a luggage scale to make sure everyone was OK with what they packed. You should see all the stuff we take out of apartments that missionaries leave behind. HOLY COW!

We always have some nervous missionaries departing. Sad, too. But happy to be heading into another part of their lives.

Senior Missionary's December 9th Winter Excursion to Crescent City. Some of the missionary apartments at the north end of the mission needed new mattresses and chairs, etc., so the Senior Missionaries decided to make a trip of it and all pile in the mission van.

Sister Murray, Elder Simkins, Sister Neuenschwander, Sister Simkins, Elder Murray down by a river that was supposed to be the clearest and best fishing river around.

We had a picture of all the Elders also, but don't know what happened to it. It was cold and wet. It rained the whole weekend.

Okay!!! Don't tell President Bunker we took the big mission van through a tiny hole in this Redwood tree.

On our way in...

and we're out!

Elder Murray couldn't believe Elder Neuenschwander would do it.

Elder Adamson, the Simkins and Sister Murray tried to measure Babe.

The "Rustic" motel we stayed at in Crescent City. It was right on the ocean, though, and had a beach to walk on if you didn't mind getting blown out to sea.

Elder Adamson braving the wind.

We drove around the harbor where the Japanese Earthquake caused a Tsunami.

The lighthouse in the harbor.

Baptism of Jeremy. March 3, 2012. Jeremy is an amazing young man. His face was shining the night of his baptism.

Jeremy with his mother and his 4 year old son, Tristan.

Elder Adamson confirmed Jeremy the next day at church.

There is a great story behind every baptism and this one is no exception. We knew Jeremy's ex-wife and family and had met Tristan. We have a real bond with his ex's grandmother and father. They had no idea Jeremy was interested in the church and were pleased that he would now add his "Mormon" influence to Tristan on the days he had him. Teaching moments are inspired of God. The Elders were out finding and knocked on his door. He let them in and knew the Gospel was true. He bore his testimony at his baptism and continues to be a shining light in our lives.

Baptism of Bonnie. She knew the first night she came to our Book of Mormon reading group that what she was hearing was true. She has read the Book of Mormon at least 4 times now and continues to read every day.

Elder Adamson was asked to baptize Bonnie...what a privilege.

Bonnie was so excited to be baptized. She attends all her meetings and loves the scriptures.

Shirley, another investigator & roommate, Bro. Bean, the faithful driver, and Mandy, the other roommate, waiting for the room to fill.

Bonnie and her friend, Paul.

Elder & Sister Adamson, Bonnie, Elder Jenkins & Elder Tomoser.
Getting ready for the baptism.

Ward members and friends at the baptism.