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March 18, 2011

March Transfers and Departing Missionaries

Sister Beefelt, Elder Thueson,  Elder Adamson, Elder Abbott, Elder Reed, Elder Harper, Elder Bosch, Elder Webster      (kneeling) Elder Donaldson, Elder Elkins, and Elder Isaacson
I was taking some shots of missionaries at the Oakland Temple while waiting for the full group to gather. I wasn't going to include all the pictures, but look at Elder Thueson......every picture, posed or not, he's giving the "thumbs up". It's interesting to see how personalities come out at picture taking time. I marked the caption of the full group of departing. We missed Sis. Beardsley, as she left a week early. Sister Beefelt didn't quit smiling even though she was "a sheep among..."well, you get the picture. It's hard when you've not been without a companion for 18 months and are all of a sudden a solo sister. She held onto the fence and didn't quite know where to stand.

March Transfers were a change for the Mission. And a start for more changes. All transfers now happen on Monday. Departing missionaries get to attend the Temple on Tuesday....THIS transfer. Starting in June, the departing missionaries will go home on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. May and April, we have only 2 missionaries departing. But still have full groups of arriving missionaries. Schedules always change for the better after evaluation of what we do right and what could be improved on. Notice I didn't say what we did wrong. As long as you are trying to do what is right, you are never wrong. Good philosophy for life! (So grand-kids, always move forward by trying to do what is right!)