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December 21, 2010

Christmas Tree in our "Home"

Our little Christmas tree is just right in our apt. It looked pretty good when we put it up, but looks better now that we have presents under it from our family and friends. Thanks so much for the cards and gifts. We are having dinner with the Bishop and his family on Christmas Eve, after we deliver a few presents around the mission to missionaries whose families were late mailing out. We'll spend Christmas with missionaries and visiting.
Everyone have a GREAT CHRISTMAS!

Friends and Food

This is a family, or I should say 3 generations living together, that we had ribs with...and not even southern style. Ricco  loves to try out new recipes with meat and we all love eating. Grandma Raylene is fighting breast cancer after having had a quadruple bypass in January this year( and losing her husband in Dec of 09) and just had surgery on her eyes yesterday, and is having her gall bladder out tomorrow. Now, anyone want to complain about their health?

Oakland Temple

Phil with two ward member friends who drove Elders to the Temple...Les Wood and Jim Frasier.

Phil looking out over Oakland on a misty day. It has sure been raining a lot!

Oakland Temple

Once every quarter, we get to attend the temple. We went to Oakland this time. The missionaries are supposed to get a ride with members. We were taking our van, but at the last minute wound up taking the Mission van in order to take a couple of extra Elders who got stranded with no ride.


This was the same day we picked up turkey roasts that had been shipped to us by NORBEST via Leonard and Laura Beckham in Moroni. We served it at our Mission Christmas Conference. My camera went bezerk that day, so I have no conference pictures. Check out the Santa Rosa Mission blog to see them.

Ward Christmas Party

I got a few shots of our Ward Christmas Party. The little girl with Santa is Brynn, and the little boy is Heath. The rest are just group shots. Enjoy!

Crazy and Busy!!!

Crazy and Busy are the two words that should describe these last 2 weeks. We've been training at the office. And of course, it was the most hectic time of all. We feel like we've neglected our Ward friends, as we don't get home until late and then are working on projects until all hours. Jane isn't particularly happy about not having any time to visit and teach. She did get to play the organ for Sacrament Meeting on Dec. 19, our Christmas program. She's also been playing in RS or teaching Primary (she kept sneaking in and watching). Phil enjoys Gospel Essentials (Principles) and even got to teach one Sunday when the Elder who was to substitute forgot.

We've made a couple of trips within the mission to inspect apartments, and close a couple of apts. down so the missionaries could  move in with members. we're starting to really appreciate our little CLEAN apartment.

Transfer Day Dec 2010

Thought you might like to see Elder Kyler Walker from our Stake in Washington. His dad is Bishop of the 12th ward in Washington Fields Stake. "Hi! Mom and Dad, I made it!"

Transfer Day Dec 2010

Today was Transfer Day.....Again. This happens every six weeks. This time Jane got to figure out the "loop" while training in the office. Didn't have time for pictures because of orientation. We did get one of Elder Ames and Elder Ryan Williams (who looks like Russ with blue eyes) with us because Elder Williams was transfering out of our Zone. He had been our Zone Leader with Elder Ames.