Elder & Sister Adamson
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California Santa Rosa Mission Office
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Santa Rosa, CA 95409

October 20, 2012

Our Release in Washington Fields Stake

Taking off the name tags! Back to just Phil and Jane instead of Elder and Sister.

Almost Home

A view of part of the family.

Ethyn & Jordan

Jaxon, Chandler, Easton

Ruthi Mae

Carissa & Jason

Monica & Cory

Jessica & Kelly

John & Michele
Mike and Tiffany
We made a stop in American Fork to have dinner with some of our children and grandchildren. Got to see at least one new baby here. Have to wait until St. George and Alaska to see the other two.

Cancer Walk/Run for Sister Bunker

 President Bunker arranged for the entire mission to run/walk a 5K for Sister Bunker on the day and time she and her family was running in Sacramento.  Our Zone and Santa Rosa North joined together to go to Bodega Bay and Run/Walk for NO MORE CANCER! It was a surprise for Sister Bunker, a breast cancer survivor. She found out she had cancer in July 2010 - during their mission. She decided to stay and fight it while serving, knowing she would have the support of her family at home and her mission family. We love her!

Santa Rosa South Zone

Santa Rosa North Zone

Receiving instructions and waiting on 8am on dot!

Food and visiting at the finish line with lots of open arms to welcome those who made it.

End of 1/2 way. Turn around and head home.

Vomocil and Wright

We love you Sister Bunker!

Zone leaders Anderson, Buchan, Mathews, Penman

Elder Anderson

Elder Binkerd

Elder Hubbard

The Bodega Bay Church where "The Birds" was filmed.

One of our last baptisms

OK - Someone told him to smile. We helped teach Andrew. His parents attended and were glad he had found a religion. Elder Hanson, Andrew, Sister Hyde, Sister Erlebach

Our last Senior Missionary Home Evening & Going Away Get-together

Elder Neuenschwander, Simkins, Phil, Murray, Rogers
Sister Rogers, Elder & Sister Simkins, Elder & Sister Kempton

Sister & Elder Christensen, Elder & Sister Rogers
We were able to get together each month for FHE or an activity. We would meet for dinner and then have a good discussion. Good missionaries!!!!!

Our last Mission Transfer & last Time at the Oakland Temple & last Time at the Oakland Airport.

Phil with Sebastapol and Stony Point Elders at the Oakland Temple.
Our last time at the Oakland Temple. It was spent with the missionaries from Stony Point, Elders Penman and Mathews and the Elders from Sebastopol, Elders Meriris and Lloyd.
The last Mission Transfer before we headed for home in May.  Some things you miss; some things you're glad to see over.

The trips to the temples were always great. Sacramento and Oakland.

Last Trip to the Airport

And we can't forget our last trip to take departing missionaries to the Oakland airport. It happened to be Elder Jensen, who was in our last group of missionaries we sent out from the  MTC Branch and Elder Pope who we picked up at the Santa Rosa airport when he came into our mission.