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September 17, 2011

Grandbaby #35

Melinda and Greg have a new little boy - number 5! Brooks Jan Harr was born September 15. Same thing with the pictures.

Grandbaby #34

Susan and Russell have a little girl, Baylor Scotlyn, born Aug 4.

Quarterly Oakland Mission Trip with Zone

Sister Lewis & Sister Luscher

Sister Thurston & Sister Kahrs with Sister Carnation & daughter from Shiloh Park.

Us with Sister Kahrs & Sister Thurston

Our District- Phil, Elder Felix, Elder Wright, Elder Webber, Elder Roe, Elder Menasco, Sister Stephenson, Sister Christensen, Me.
We were able to take the whole Zone this time (except two APs). It's funny being in a full session with only 4 or 5 couples and all the rest single adults.

Stony Point Ward Picnic

Here it is - come and get it!

Elder Clark & Elder Ram

YM/YW Table

Tim cooking  his special way. I messed him up.  (He got a picture of me in my chair to show the missionary life. I'll try and upload it.)

Khanh, Phil and Jesse

This is the Stony Point Ward Family Picnic. I just took some random shots. Elder Clark and Elder Ram set up a table with information for non-members, since we were in a public park. Jesse, who was baptized in January, and Khanh, who was baptized last month, helped there also.

September 15, 2011

Friends getting baptized

Jo-Jo is a unique person. He has been in a car accident with a stolen car, then a few years later was run over by a beer truck. Yet, he has the best attitude about life. He jogs everyday and loves it. He said he can't get fat because of the damage done at the accidents. He's a little off balance and scarred, but he tries his best to make it to church every Sunday. He has a testimony of the Godhead and explains it very clearly. He gets frustrated sometimes when people can't understand him but still just say "um,um." He wants them to ask him what he said so he can clarify everything.He bore his testimony at his baptism and it was amazing. He found out my first name, but calls me Sister Jane to show respect. We love him. Elder Adamson confirmed him after his baptism.

Friends getting baptized

Elder Clark, Elder Ram, Felix, Charlotte, Elder Adamson

Our dear friend, Felix was baptized by Elder Adamson. His wife, Charlotte had been baptized in January while we were in Utah with Lisa. A great family searching for a way to get closer to God.

Sister Martinez release day!

Sister Martinez's family picked her up at July transfers. She had time to ride to the Oakland Airport with Elder Adamson and myself while we took departing missionaries there. She was able to say good-bye to companions and good friends.

Four Sisters decided they wanted to be together their last night in Santa Rosa, so we had blow-up mattresses and regular mattresses wall to wall in our apartment. We're glad they had this time together. Check out her blog and facebook.

More Good Friends at Point Reyes

We had never been to Point Reyes Lighthouse, so we paired up with the Gwins and spent a Saturday checking out the sights.

308 steps to get to the lighthouse. Another 300 to get to the ocean below. Thank goodness no one is allowed below!

Phil and Gerald waited to hear a little bit about the lighthouse while I explored.

SEE - 308!

The mist comes in and then clears away, then comes back to stay.

2 tired men followed behind one tired old woman - Julie didn't try the stairs- the old woman would be me.

They really do look old and tired!

More Good Friends

Lyndasue & Casey

One of those picture taking moments when one blinks and the other laughs. Went through 3 of those.

Graduation at Empire College with sons, Casey and Michael.

A few more San Francisco adventure pictures

Lighthouse on Alcatraz.

You have to look online for the story of the only escapees from Alcatraz. Actually, Clint Eastwood stars in a movie about this.

Pier 39 with Alcatraz in the distance.

Jessi explaining about the children that lived on the islands because their dads were guards.

Jessica and Kelly's July Visit

Caught in an incoming wave. It was COLD!

Adde and Ezra at one of the old trees.

sliding inside a downed Redwood tree

The last place for sunshine before we entered the forest.

Redwoods get their water from their leaves, not the roots. That's why they survive here, near the ocean mists and rains.

Knock, knock Mr. Troll.

The Giants Baseball Stadium in San Fran.

How would you like to live where your street is a Z?
A good look coming down  Lombard St.

That convertible isn't parked. It's driving behind us as we go down Lombard.

Adde and Ezra on Alcatraz Island with San Fran behind.

Listening to the sad stories of men who were here.

Getting ready to ride the ferry to Alcatraz Island. The wind was freezing.

Taking a look at the harbor around pier 39.

Ezra's famous Pirate Pose for pictures.

Someone didn't like the hat messing up her hair.

Our stop at the Oakland Temple.

Getting off the ferry at Alcatraz Island. What a place. Really interesting.

Adde started taking her shoes off thinking she could take a dip in the fountain.

A birds-eye view of Oakland from the Temple grounds.
The day after transfers, Jessi and Kelly came with their children, Adde and Ezra for a few days. President Bunker told us to take a couple of days and spend it with them. We finally had a chance to go to San Francisco! We had been wanting to see some of the sights and tour Alcatraz Island. We also took them up to Armstrong Redwoods Park, down Hwy #1 to Bodega Bay with a stop at one of the beaches. The day we picked them up from the airport, we stopped by the Oakland Temple then made a detour to Fairfield to visit the Jelly-Belly Factory. We drove back through Sonoma so they could get a good idea of what the many vineyards are like here. We saw a few chateaus but decided the tours were not for kids. Jessica's expecting a girl in December.