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November 27, 2010


I looked on our blog and realized I've never printed my testimony. I want to share that with you now. (Jane)
I am very thankful for missionaries who had the courage to go into the hills of Tennessee looking to share the gospel. I'm also thankful Papaw and Mamaw went to S.C. to work and were in a Branch/ Ward there so the gospel could be taught to me. I'm thankful that daddy's mother read to him from the Bible when he was young.I'm thankful that he joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and that he and mother took us to Primary and Sunday meetings. A lot of people say they won't force their children to go to church; that they will let them make their own choice. Daddy always said you need to know what the choices are. And the only way you know that is by actually going to church. I'm thankful for the heritage of faithful, God-loving ancestors who read the Bible and had integrity and were hard working people. That faith was passed to my parents, and to me and my brothers and sisters, and hopefully to my children.  I know our Heavenly Father loves me and has a plan for me to return to Him. I know Jesus Christ, His Son and my elder brother carried out the central part of His plan through his Atonement and Resurrection. I cannot fathom in the least degree how bad his suffering was for our sins and actions and thoughts. I just know how thankful I am for him and his sacrifice.  I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ's church restored to the earth today. That we have a prophet today who, just as in olden days, receives revelation from God.  I am thankful for the Priesthood of God on the earth that allows us to be sealed as a family for all eternities. I love Phil and my children and grandchildren. I cannot imagine my life without them being a part of it. I am so thankful for other family members and friends who have influenced me for the good. I'm thankful for the opportunities I have to serve the Lord. I will continue to do so.
  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.                Barbara Jane Robinson Adamson

RS Food Storage/Water Storage Demo Nov. 10, 2010

Northern California Coast

We also got a chance to see the Pacific Coast. It was cold Friday! We stopped at a place called the Glass Beach. It used to be the dump. Yes, you read that right. Now the ocean has come in and picks up pieces of broken glass, pottery and such and tumbles it until it is smooth and looks like gems. We also saw some people snorkeling for abalone. They were a group of LDS families from Lumas, CA. who invited us to their campsite to try some. We decided to just go see what they looked like - but not eat any. They are like giant snails. All you kids "google" them. They gave us some of the shells and said we could have them made into jewelry or etc. I think anything like a giant snail that you have to beat with a wooden mallet to thin out and prepare for cooking doesn't sound too appetizing.

Trip to the Redwoods

We had a "Conference" with the other two Senior Missionary couples, Elder and Sister Nueneschwander, and Elder and Sister Snow. It was a great trip up to ride the Skunk Train and see the Redwoods. It's called the Skunk Train because you can smell it coming before you see it. The amazing thing was that we had passengers that rode up to their cabin homes in the canyon because there were no roads in. Looked like not too much of anything in the area - water, electricity, etc. It used to be the canyon where they would cut the redwoods down and float them out. The train was like the Heber Creeper. There was a Redwood that was over 1000 years old. (The blurry picture)

Thanksgiving Feast

We had Thanksgiving with Bishop Preston and his family. What a feast! Elder Anderson and Elder Cannel were also there. Along with Sis. Anderson, a traveling nurse, staying with the Jacobsens. Bro. Lopes came for pie afterward. The pie makers in the family are Beverly and Davey.