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February 17, 2011

Sad News for the Family

Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary picture with all the children, 1987.

Joanne, Jeanne and Phil

Jeanne with her infectious laugh.
Elder Adamson's sister, Jeanne, died of a massive heart attack February 4, 2011. She had been watching TV, got up to get ready for bed, and said she didn't feel well. By the time the paramedics got to their home, she had died. Jeanne and Joanne are twins. They had their 61st birthday just 2 days before this happened. We are all so sad, yet so grateful for the knowledge we have as a family of God's plan for us to return to Him. We all had a chance to visit with Jeanne at the Adamson Family reunion in August. It was a tearful goodbye because she didn't know when she would be able to make the trip again - if ever. We know of a surety we will see her again..only now it will  be with mom & dad and others when we have all passed on. We love you all and truly believe "Families are Forever".

Fleet Office

I had to sneak into the Fleet Office and catch these two off guard because they are ALWAYS so darn busy I can never get them to pose! Elder Adamson is holding down the Fleet Office until Elder Neuenschwander takes over next month. Elder Anderson had been handling things by himself for about 6 months - too big a job for one person. He's the Fleet Assistant - Advisor. We call him Elderly Elder Anderson to distinguish him from young Elder Anderson (and not because he's 81! - you'd never know it!) He is up and down 3 flights of stairs to the office at least 10 times a day. He is a Service Missionary who wound up staying for 5 years. I think Dad and he would have been the best of friends; same personality, work ethics and outlook on life.

Crider Family

Elder Jackson, Ben, Charmaine, Jessie, President Bunker, Elder Thueson and Devon in front.
Sunday, February 13, 2011, Charmaine Crider was baptized by President Bunker. She and her son, Devon, live in the Stony Point Ward. Her brother, Jessie, was baptized last month. We are so blessed to have them in our ward. Outstanding friends! Her boyfriend, Ben Hoops, lives in Peterson Lane ward but attends ours to be with her. It's a whole new environment for them all, and they bring such testimonies with them. President Bunker even gave Jessie permission to give me a hug. (not allowed!? for any opposite sex - it's hard not to when they feel like family). Elder Adamson gave a talk on Baptism and Sister Adamson gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.