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March 12, 2011

Pictures of some Friends in Stony Point Ward

Drivers Beware!

If you thought it was hard getting a driver's license, try getting approved to drive after having some violations. This is a Defensive Driving Course being held at the office for a few missionaries. There were other groups on another day. Don't let Elder Poulson's happy face fool you - it's a process they do not like.

Fun at Zone Conference - Right!

Elder Adamson with our smallest group of vehicles.
Inspecting cars at Zone Conference is a lot of fun - NOT!!! We have to check everything about the vehicle. I say vehicle because we have cars and trucks. The church wants all vehicles kept in good repair and taken care of because at 50,000 miles, they are sold and the mission gets a new replacement. Elder Adamson and Elder Anderson have been handling the Fleet department, but now that Neuenschwanders are initiated, they will take over, with Elder Anderson doing the job of getting cars ready to sell. Elder Adamson is the Office Manager, which means he gets to know everything and cover on days someone is not there. He also gets to do Transfers!

Seniors at Zone Conference

Sister Stewart - Mission nurse
Elder Anderson - Assistant Fleet, and Sister Anderson (Service Missionaries)
Sister and Elder Neuenschwander Fleet Coordinator and Secretary
And what do Senior Missionaries do at Zone Conference besides eat? Well, Sister Stewart teaches a section. Elder and Sister Neuenschwander teach a section. Elder Anderson shows a vehicle/Fleet dvd. And then we all go outside - rain or shine and inspect all the cars driven in that day!

Zone Conferences - Three Days Worth

We had Zone Conferences March 1, 2, & 3. We have 9 zones in our mission. We are spread out quite a ways, so we bring 3 together at one place, rather than try and get them all into Santa Rosa. Missionaries with cars are allotted a certain number miles they can drive each month, and a gas card to pay for the gas. So, we don't want them to use up their miles and gas traveling to meetings. Zone Conferences were good. The President's message is on our mission blog. Also, Sister Bunker puts pictures of all our meetings on the blog. Thought you might like to see a few I took. Remember, we're at 3 different places.

Assistants to the President (And a District leader)

Elders Bevan, Hancock, Harper, & Manciati
These young men are three of the Assistants to the President. Elder Manciati is a District Leader in our zone. They were in the office doing their on-line blogging and facebook. Thought I'd let you have a look at them. They are pretty cramped in their office when 4 show up. We are also getting ready for transfers, so lots of discussions and prayers.