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January 28, 2011

Home in St. George

I had a request to publish a picture of our home in St. George. I think it is so the missionaries here can find it when they come to visit. This was the day we left for the MTC in Oct. 2010.  Need an address???
2315 S. Camino Real
Washington, UT 84780
We sold our home in American Fork the week we got our mission call. The Lord does have a BIG hand in our lives. The kids in St. George area found this house for us while Phil & I were at the beach. Long story, but we were able to purchase it and live here for a couple of months before we left for the MTC. The Bell's are living here til we get back.


We made an emergency trip to Utah because our daughter, Lisa Hughes, had a life-threatening experience on Dec. 29. She was in a coma for 25 hours due to a heart condition. We had no idea what had happened, and neither did anyone else, as Tyler found her lying in the snow on their driveway. She has no memory of what happened. All we know is that we were told she was given a 1% chance of surviving. And survive she did! All the faith and prayers of family, friends, wards, and even people we didn't know brought her back to us. She's doing great now, with no lasting effects caused by her being unconscious for so long. The Dr.'s inserted a difibrilator into her chest so there will be an instant shock to her heart if she has another episode. I could tell a whole lot more about this experience, but let's just say God answers prayers and fills us each with hope. We stayed in Utah until we made sure she was OK, then we headed back to our mission in Santa Rosa California.